Runyon Canyon



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An exerciser’s paradise in the Hollywood Hills, Runyon’s the spot for views of the toned bodies and even tonier homes endemic to this part of L.A. The packed dirt path leads hikers, runners, yoga enthusiasts and roving weightlifters on a loop around the canyon, guaranteeing countless moments to pause and utter “This is so L.A.”—particularly during the after-work rush hour, when people-watching reaches its frenzied peak.

You can catch the loop from either the east (Fuller Avenue) or west (North Vista Street) side of the canyon. Either way, it’s a mostly gradual ascent, except for a treacherously steep and narrow section near the top of the eastern canyon wall. At the top, the trail plateaus along a ridge, giving views of the architectural hodgepodge of the Hollywood Hills—solar panels, pools and decks on stilts—downtown Hollywood and the Capitol Records building, the manicured tidiness of WeHo’s grid, and the tangle of high-rises along Miracle Mile.

The southern entrance is at the end of Fuller Avenue in Hollywood; the northern 'cheat' and take a shorter hike using the entrance off the 7300 block of Mulholland Drive.

Pets: Dogs are welcome (encouraged, really), with much of the trail allowing off-leash roaming.
Parking: Street parking. Franklin Avenue is a good place to find a two-hour spot. You can enter the park on North Fuller Avenue or North Vista Street. Watch out for permit-parking only blocks in this neighborhood.
Length: ~1.5 miles with possibilities to extend
Time: 30-60 mins
Opening Hours:

Dawn to Dusk

2001 N Fuller Ave, Los Angeles, California, USA 90046