The Basement



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The Basement is a horror-themed escape room that revolves around cannibalistic serial killer Edward Tandy, who has kidnapped several people and locked them in the basement of the home he shares with his elderly mother. Tandy allows his victims the chance to escape via a series of complicated clues and puzzles scattered throughout his lair. However, if guests cannot escape within one hour, a poisonous gas floods the room and renders them unconscious for Tandy to eat later. (Don’t worry, it’s all pretend!) The room has a fair amount of jump scares and guests might soon learn they’re not alone in there. The Basement also has two additional rooms that progress the Tandy story. The Boiler is a small, four-person room with walls that close in on the guests as their time runs out, and The Study takes place on the first floor of Tandy’s home. The Study has several clever uses of technology that add to both the puzzles and the eerie milieu of the room. The Basement is located in the Valley, in Sylmar.

12090 Foothill Boulevard, Sylmar, California, USA